Trina Accused Of Backing That Thing Up Outta Missouri Concert



Miami rapper Trina is making headlines this week with reports claiming she snubbed a concert promoter last week after getting paid in advance for a Missouri performance.

According to reports, Trina is holding onto $7,000 for a performance she never did.

Rapper Trina allegedly cost a concert promoter THOUSANDS of dollars this month … after no-showing at a performance in St. Louis … but Trina insists the promoter’s full of crap. TMZ has obtained several letters sent to Trina’s booking agent — by the promoter’s lawyers — and according to the docs, the rapper was paid $7,000 to perform at a club called Imperial Palace in St. Louis on May 19th. According to the letters, Trina’s team informed the promoter there was a scheduling conflict — but the rapper never formally canceled in writing, so the promoter went full steam ahead with the event. Needless to say, May 19th rolled around — and Trina was nowhere to be seen.

Despite the accusations, Trina’s camp has already lashed back defending her no-show.

The promoter tells TMZ, the event went on without Trina — held as a regular party at the club with DJ music — but people were pissed … and several demanded refunds. Now, the promoter tells us, she’s planning to sue Trina for at least $16,000 — which includes Trina’s $7,000 fee, promotional costs, and other damages. Trina’s rep tells TMZ, the rapper did agree to perform the gig — but cancelled long before the event due to other obligations … and even tried to return her $7,000 advance. Trina’s rep says the promoter refused to accept it. What’s more, Trina’s rep believes the promoter falsely advertised the event as a Trina concert, knowing in advance Trina wouldn’t be performing. Trina’s rep says the rapper is now weighing legal options of her own.

The rapper has kept busy of late working on a new album.

“I’m currently in the studio working on my sixth album, which is amazing,” Trina told MTV News. “It’s my biggest priority right now. It’s really major. I’m really excited. I’m really excited about who I’m working with. I’m really excited about just this whole new phase.” Who she is working with is what led many to believe Trina will be joining Wale, Pill, Meek Mill and others at MMG. “I have a few surprises,” Trina added. “This album, I want to make it more about me. I’m not going to have a whole album full of features. I’m working with some really great producers and Ross, of course. He’s the structure and the leader for the album. I love Ross. He’s like my brother, so it’s really important for me that he understands where I’m at right now and to help make this album be as great as I want it to.

Last summer, Trina talked about hitting the road alongside Maybach Music Group boss Rick Ross and their in-studio bond.

“I’m very excited. I love him,” Trina said referring to her former Slip-N-Slide labelmate. “I was on tour and I was taking his mixtapes on tour, promoting, pushing him before people knew who he was…He’s so supportive. Whenever I’m in the studio, he comes through…I always feel safe when he’s around, especially when it comes to music. I feel he has that ear.

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