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Royce Diamond


Name: Royce Diamond


Genre: Hip-Hop


What City (or country) you reppin? Hailing from Kansas City representing Wyandotte County – The Dotte –


What is the music scene like in your city? The music scene in Kansas City is thriving and growing daily. Venues are popping up everywhere that supports the local talent. If you are a Hip Hop artist in Kansas City, you pretty much know everyone else that is an artist in Kansas City. Fans are packing the shows and coming out to support both the scene and the local talent.


Are you on a record label (or management team)?I am the founder of RAOM

(Random Acts of Music), a Kansas City based music production team and record label. We specialize in anything audio, from sound design for independent films to music production for our artist and clients. Our label by the same name has a total of three artists whose careers we currently focus on, including, myself, Royce Diamond.


How did you get your start? I started out writing raps when I was 8 years old after being inspired by the legendary Big Daddy Kane. From there I developed a name for myself by spitting my lyrics to my friends and free styling in the bathrooms of Middle school and High School. I later teamed up with a group of guys and formed a rap group, but as time went on, we all went our separate directions and I went off to school for audio engineering in Tempe AZ at The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences (CRAS). Coming out of CRAS I was awarded the honor of training under the Grammy award winning engineer Jeff Poe, who taught me how to shape music with the Las Angeles A list cliental. My first year in the business I worked with artist from Herbie Hancock to Raphael Saddiq on tracks created by artist as known as Pharrell Williams.

What musicians have you learned the most from?

Def Jef, a Hip Hop artist turned producer became a great mentor for me while in Las Angeles.

Jef gave me an incredible insight into the world the music business that I currently fall back on today. I’m not sure if he taught me the most but he taught me some of the most valuable information I learned while in Las Angeles as far as business goes.

You have recorded a lot of songs, which one is your favorite? One of my favorite of my songs to perform is a song called “ Cracks    

Largely because of the epic feel it has and the level of difficulty it possess to perform. My favorite song of mine, to listen to is a song I call “ So Easy was written at a cross roads in my career and in, my opinion, illustrates a time in my career that I enjoy reflecting on.


What advice do you have for others wanting to go into your profession? If music is really your passion, make sure you keep your mind open to all of the potential ways this business can be lucrative. Being an artist with all of its glitz and glory is a very small part of the business and opportunities are everywhere you are willing to look. Also, if you love what you do, do it all the time and let everyone you come in contact with know what it is you do.

What projects are you working on? What are you doing NOW? We are coming to the end of the building faze of one of our new RAOM studios and getting back into record mode for our next big record currently untitled, however, it will be the next “Royce Diamond” album. You can look to see it in the spring of 2014.

What’s next for you? I want to make RAOM a label that is synonymous with Kansas City. Pushing my team and pushing our music is my biggest endeavor I have on the horizon.

How can you be reached?







 Twitter: @RoyceDiamond


 Youtube: Royce Diamond







Is there anything else that you would like to share?

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