Rosa Acosta Predicts Her Fans’ No. 1 Photo Spread, “I’m Pretty Sure Everybody’s Favorite Is KING

Rosa Acosta


After recently revealing an intention to hang up her video vixen tag and look to evolve as a Latin celebrity, model Rosa Acosta recently talked to us about her past high-profile collaborations.

Asked to name her favorite, Rosa said there are too many joint projects to only choose one.

“I don’t think there’s one [shoot] that’s specific. I feel like my collaborations with Supreme, Two in the Shirt and right now with 9Five Eyewear, those things are really cool,” Rosa told us. “For example, with Supreme, after me, Vanessa Veasley, who I recommended for the job, to be a Supreme girl, and then after us, Lady Gaga did it. I’m very hopefully that it’s not just anybody that’s doing this. They’re actually taking this to a whole ‘nother level and for me to be photographed by one of the bests [photographers] in the world, Terry Richardson, that’s like one of my favorite memories.

She also said most fans more than likely would choose her 2009 KING cover.

“As far as magazines, I like all of them. I’m pretty sure that everybody’s favorite is, maybe, KING. I think there was a little something to it because the magazine was already out of business and I kind of brought KING back. [laughs] I really like everything I’ve done, all the music videos, I’ve met great people, I’ve made really great connections. I would say 98 percent of the people I worked with called me back for something else. They recommend me for other projects or if there’s something they want to do, they call me. Everything that I’ve done, has in one way or another, brought something amazing back.

Recently, Acosta discussed the advantages of making a name for herself in the entertainment industry.

“I don’t quite think about things without doing them. So it hasn’t been in the back of my head without me doing anything. I have been able to profit off of what I do, obviously, the only reason why I’m still doing it is because I profit off of it. I’m not just in modeling because I like it. I really do well for myself. But I’ve been doing things in order to move on. I haven’t had this in the back of my head without no plan. Since the very first day, I was blogging how I’d [make] the transition and what do I want to do and how can I use this and turn it into something else. Forever.

In April, Rosa talked about wanting to sway away from doing sexy photo shoots by 2013.

“It’s really easy in this business to spend ten years doing the same thing and not branch out. So in order for me to branch out I have to stop doing this and focusing on some other ventures. I’m not just going to quit totally, but little by little. But I think that this will be my last year doing the sexy shoots. I’m going to focus on fitness and Spanish TV.

Check out Rosa Acosta’s KING magazine spread below:


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