Rick Ross Says Port Of Miami 2’s Going To Really Blow People Away

Rick Ross


Maybach Music Group’s Rick Ross is ready to set the standard with his upcoming Port of Miami 2 album. The hip-hop veteran has updated fans on the status of his long-awaited solo effort.



In a new interview, Yung Renzel promised to deliver to longtime supporters’ anticipation and to make it a defining moment of his career.


“Right after the new year,” Ross said when asked about the project’s release date. “It’s a real epic moment for me. Real epic moment. I’m digging deep into these joints, these records, these collaborations – I’m just going all out. It’s the 10th one. … The OGs I look up to as well as the youngsters, the way we bring it all together, Port of Miami 2, I think it’s going to really blow people away. I went further. I really reached out to some people. Some of me and my big homies shine bright as we usually do – I’m at the tail end wrapping the album up – but I still got things in the basket.”




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