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Name: P-Nyce
How did you get Started: I started in my home town.. a rural town in Va. Dinwiddie County to be exact. We really didn’t have anyone rapping in the area at the time. So me and my Homies kinda started the Hip Hop movement in our area. At first it was me doing the beats and recording, then I  eventually picked up the mic.
Where are you from: Dinwiddie, Va Raised..
What City are you Reppin: Augusta, Ga
What are your Goals as an Artist: To have my Music and Brand as big as humanly possible!! I wanna be BIGGER Than “U2” haha
Record Label: 1st Class Family Music Group
Influences: LIFE in general! I’ve been a College Student, Iraqi War Vet, LPN, Club Promoter/Owner and a Radio personality I’ve LIVED A LOT in a short period of time!
What kind of energy you think you can bring to the music industry: Real good energy
What are you doing NOW: Right now we got the Single “Runnin Out of Money” Single sweeping the South east… one of the biggest Strip Club Records in this region. Waiting on you to get up round ya way haha (Hint hint)
Any upcoming Events: Yea This Friday ill be In Myrtle Beach, Sc Performing at the Ranch, OrangeBurg sc Saturday.. and in Atl Sunday… we have been touring pretty hard for the past few months. Sc, Ga, Va, Al, NC.. really hitting the southeast heavy!! and 1st Quarter we are dropping my long awaited mixtape “Sex, Lies -n- Black & Milds (#SLBM)” Thats gonna be CRAZY!!!
What would you like to say to your Fans or Viewers: Continue to support a REAL artist with REAL MUSIC.. and most of all A REAL MAN!!!
Facebook… Facebook.com/NycemanBAOW
Twitter… @NycemanBAOW
Instagram… @NycemanBAOW
Youtuve… @NycemanBAOW yea i made it really simple to find me on all social media haahaa


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