O.T. Genasis And His Crew Involved In Gun Incident

O.T. Genasis


O.T. Genasis was involved in some drama with underage girls and guns last night on the West Coast.


According to TMZ, the rapper and his crew went to The Good Nite bar in the San Fernando Valley with a group of young girls, who looked underage. But they still made their way to the bar. Afterward, the bartender asked the for ID, an argument broke out and a gun was flashed.


Cops say someone in O.T.’s crew pulled out the pistol and threatened to shoot up the place. The bartender then took some photos of the man, but the guy grabbed his phone and smashed it.


Later on, the police showed up, but the rapper and his entourage were already gone.  There’s an investigation underway, and there could be an arrest in the coming days.


We’re also assuming the gun O.T.’s boy had was real and it wasn’t the fake one that O.T. had with him at the strip club years ago.


The rapper hasn’t commented on any of this yet.








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