Evelyn Lozada Talks Wedding, Babies & Chad Ochocinco


Now that Season 3 of ‘Basketball Wives’ has come to an end,the girls have been making the promotion rounds giving the public more insight on what’s been going on in their lives since the show’s finale. Evelyn Lozada, fiance to New England Patriots Wide Receiver, Chad Ochocinco sat down with HollywoodLife to discuss her upcoming wedding, attempts to get pregnant with twins, her relationship with Chad, Basketball Wives, and her piece of advice for her newly single friend, Jennifer Williams:

On Her Argument With Chad on the Last Episode (Being caught Lunching With a girl he used to date)
You seen it on the show, exactly what happened, happened. We resolved it and we moved on. I don’t know if he sees my point but there’s always that man/woman conflict. Our relationship is so public, you just really need to be careful who you’re out with or who you’re seen with because things can be taken out of context and you just never know it can make our lives pretty crazy.

On Chad Being Her Best Friend
Me and chad we talk about everything. it’s refreshing to me to have a relationship like that. We talk about family, business, he’s a very good friend of mine.

On Fertility Treatments & Not Being Pregnant Yet
That’s the good thing with fertility, you can pick and choose when you want to have babies. We want to have the babies after the wedding.”

On The Wedding
There’s nothing set in stone but either way we’re going to get married in 2012 whether it’s televised or not. We’re not opposed but obviously if it works with scheduling. Obviously, you know he has a football schedule. We would need to work that out. I would like something small, but Chad being who he is wants something bigger and more over the top. We’ll see if we can meet somewhere in the middle.

Advice For Jennifer Williams
Well adctually yeah, she’s going through a divorce and my situation was different I just had to move out and leave. She has legal things that she needs to take care of. It’s always nice to take a break. I think she’s done that. Just to get out there and not rush into anything, just enjoy yourself.[…]I thought her divorce party was hilarious, I thought it was pretty fun.

As far as returning for the fourth season of Basketball Wives is concerned, Evelyn says she’s all for it. She said she definitely wouldn’t mind if Meeka or Royce weren’t coming back, though.

If she gets married to Chad, would it be fair to still have her a part of the cast when she’s technically a ‘football wife’?

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