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Lindsay Lohan’s Nude Playboy Pics Leak, Forces Early Release


Days after Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan‘s much talked about Playboy cover leaked online, the blonde bombshell has suffered even more exposure as her entire nude spread is now circulating across the Internet. Read more… �

Young Jeezy Says He Invented “Making It Rain.” Compares Rappers To Robin Hoods For Stacking Paper & Helping Strippers Take Care Of Their Families


Everybody has heard the term “making it rain.” It’s the practice of throwing money in the air while at a strip club. Where the term first originated from has been somewhat of a mystery, until now. Read more… �

Drake Catches Heat For Trying To Put On For His City


Young Money star Drake may represent for his Toronto hometown on records but a new billboard for his Take Care sophomore album has drawn negative reactions from Canadian officials. Read more… �

Pretty Ricky’s – Spectacular Readies Solo Debut


Spectacular from the platnium selling group Pretty Ricky is preparing his first solo effort, along with a new album from the group. Read more… �

Eddie Murphy To Play Troubled Ex Washington D.C. Mayor Marion Barry In Spike Lee Directed Biopic


The strange story of Marion Barry’s life is coming to a tv screen near you very soon. Read more… �