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Three Youth Football Coaches And One Player Charged With Assaulting Ref During Game


The ref is seen being tackled to the ground before being pummeled

Felony charges were filed Friday against three youth football coaches and a 14-year-old player after a referee was attacked during a game last weekend in Sarasota, Fla. Read more… �

Laid Back Cruising: 4-Year Old Filmed Driving Better Than Some Adults!


It’s hard to understand what some parents are thinking at times.

A video that appears to show a 4-year old driving a car while her dad instructs her from the backseat is circulating around the net. Read more… �

T.I. To Be Held Until End of September Over Bus Trip


 T.I.’s choice of transportation from a Forrest City, Arkansas prison has cost him his freedom until the end of September. Read more… �

Asher Roth Drains His Spaghetti Tree, Peels Back New Album Title


Rapper Asher Roth has provided fans with an update on his upcoming sophomore album, The Spaghetti Tree, revealing his decision to nix its original title. Read more… �

Lupe Fiasco Sends Warning Shots To Jay-Z, Lil Wayne & More, “I’m About To Skaaaate On These N*ggas”


Grammy-winning rapper Lupe Fiasco appears hungry for the “King of Hip Hop” crown after telling recent Chicago concertgoers to spread the word that he is the best artist in the game right now. Read more… �